You're smart. Shouldn't your wallet be Savvy? Millions of men suffer from sitting on bulky, uncomfortable wallets that cause sciatica, thigh and back pain. There are cards for everything: credit, medical, dental, ID cards, drivers licenses, store cards, business cards, photos and more. A typical man carries 8 to 30+ cards in wallets designed to carry only 5 or 6 cards. Men toss the bulky wallets from their back pockets when driving and often accidentally leave them in the car in view of potential thieves. Such wallets cause a host of other daily hassles: digging through card stacks to find the one card they need; the cards get damaged, demagnetized and cracked. Last, but not least, many wallets do not protect cards against thieves who use radio frequency ID (RFID) scanners to covertly steal credit card information. A typical wallet is one of the most poorly crafted consumer products:  designed to carry just a few cards and lots of cash; but we carry lots of cards and not much cash. Cards tumble out of over stuffed leather pouches and slots causing havoc and frustration. Sitting for hours on thick “rump bump” wallets causes sciatica: thigh and back pain. Why do we put up with such hassles? You can end the hassle today, because now there is a solution: the Savvy Caddy Thin RFID blocking wallet. Savvy Caddy SC-8 Holds 8 cards. Click for more info Savvy Caddy SC-16 Holds 16 cards. Click for more info Savvy Caddy SC-24 Holds 24 cards. Click for more info Savvy Caddy SC-32 Holds 32 cards. Click for more info How does it work? Credit Cards and Wallets Why people buy the Savvy Caddy Savvy Caddy in The Press Video - See how it works Replacement Insert Pages Testimonials About Savvy Caddy Frequently Asked Questions Call Now! 972-989-1002 Our Guarantee All Savvy Caddy wallets are sold with a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the wallet for any reason, return it to us and we will refund all of your costs including shipping. Our Commitment Our wallets are made of high-quality top grain leather, are thin and flexible: superior design protected by US patents. Novability, Inc. All rights reserved 2014.  937 Lombardy Drive Plano, Texas 75023 Tel 972.989.1002 Won't Bust Your Budget or Your Back!