Wonder Wallet™ and Savvy Caddy® Replacement Inserts

SC-8 Replacement Insert
Holds 8 cards.

SC-16 Replacement Insert
Holds 16 cards.

SC-24 Replacement Insert
Holds 24 cards.

SC-32 Replacement Insert
Holds 32 cards.

Savvy Caddy® is now Wonder Wallet™

I wish to thank all of my loyal buyers who made Savvy Caddy® wallets successful in the marketplace. My small idea for a thin, flexible wallet turned into a big success – from sales at military bases, VA hospitals, my website, Amazon and QVC.

In 2015, I signed a licensing agreement with Allstar Products to manufacture, distribute, and market my wallets across the US, Canada and internationally under the Wonder Wallet™ name. I no longer sell Savvy Caddy® wallets.

Wonder Wallet™ has been a huge success, selling over 1 million wallets in the first year via TV and in retailers, including Bed Bath and Beyond, HSN, Target, Walmart and others across the US and Canada.

We Supply Inserts for Savvy Caddy® and Wonder Wallet™

We are committed to continue providing plastic replacement inserts for all customers of both Savvy Caddy® and Wonder Wallet™. If you need insert replacements, we are your supplier!

Any of the four different inserts below fit very well in either a Savvy Caddy® or Wonder Wallet™.

  • SC-8 Insert – Holds up to 8 cards (two in each of 4 pockets) - $3.50 each

  • SC-16 Insert – Holds up to 16 cards (two in each of 8 pockets) - $4.00 each

  • SC-24 Insert – Holds up to 24 cards (two in each of 12 pockets) - $4.50 each

  • SC-32 Insert – Holds up to 32 cards (two in each of 16 pockets) - $5.00 each

* Shipping is free for orders of 1-2 inserts. For larger orders, a $4.00 shipping fee is added to your purchase.

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What I am Doing Now

It took me 13 years of hard work and very long hours to successfully commercialize my wallet invention. But, very few inventors achieve success with their inventions. I am doing something about that problem – helping other inventors to achieve real success – more quickly than they could on their own.

My new website AlanBeckley.com provides many resources for inventors, including:

  • Tips, tools, and tactics for inventors.
  • Blogs about sourcing in China, selling on QVC, tips for licensing an other topics.
  • Access to Ideas to Wealth Facebook group.
  • LAUNCH webinar for inventors – coming this fall.

Alan-beckley@msn.com (972) 989-1002

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